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MTS Academy


Basic Level

Basic level’s courses consist of gold spot and gold futures course.

Gold spot courses divided into 3 parts, first; introduction to gold investment; second, gold investment channels and third, gold investment’s clearing and settlement system.

Gold futures courses also divided into 3 parts;  first future contract knowledge; second, gold futures knowledge and third, how to order gold futures contract.

Gold spot investment fundamental.

Investors should know about gold investment fundamental including channel for gold investment as gold is one of the alternative investment. This subject includes method and settlement procedure of MTS gold investment system.

  • Gold investment fundamental
    • Gold Characteristic
    • Gold category
    • Unit of gold measuring
    • Why Gold investment?
  • Gold investment Channel
    • Gold Phone
    • Gold Online
    • Gold Mobile
  • Gold Settlement System
    • Company’s Regulation
    • Gold Settlement Channel
    • i. MTS Auto Form
      ii. MTS Special Pay-In
      iii. MTS SABai Products

Investor’s Benefits

  1.  Investors know about new gold investment channel.

  2.  Investors know about the company’s gold investment system.

1.    Investors know about the company’s gold investment system.

Gold futures is new channel for gold investment, then MTS Gold offers gold futures knowledge for investors to increase investor’s gold investment opportunity. Investors will receive knowledge about futures, gold futures and futures trading system.

  • Futures’ Fundamental
    • Futures’ characteristic
    • Futures contract’s process
    • Futures contract’s component
  • Gold Futures’ Fundamental
    • Gold futures’ characteristic
    • Difference of gold futures and gold spot
    • Gold futures’ trading process
    • Benefits of gold futures investment
  • Futures’ Trading System
    • Speed Trade System
    • Easy Trade System
Investor’s Benefits

  1. Investors know about new gold futures investment channel.

  2.  Investors know about method, process and benefits from gold futures investment.

Note: Basic level’s courses are course to investor who is beginner in gold investment including gold spot and gold futures for correct fundamental knowledge. The courses is including only introduction to gold investment and not including other profound knowledge, for instance gold investment analysis or strategy. For other profound knowledge, please feel free and register to intermediate level’s courses.



  • Basic level’s courses are fundamental knowledge for all investors
  • Intermediate level’s courses and Advanced level’s courses are exclusive for MTS Gold Online members.
  • If you want open an gold online account, please feel free and click this link

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