Gold Hedger

MTS Gold Co., Ltd. is able to provide services to customers which are pawnshops through the use of a variety of hedging tools and strategies with respect to gold investment. In addition, with our knowledge base, MTS Gold also provides our customers with relevant knowledge and information to help manage stocks. The rights and benefits which our customers enjoy are:

Scrap Gold

A 24-hr Scrap Gold hedging system

Customers can use the scrap gold hedging system, or the J-Gold system, as an effective risk prevention tool to manage their market risk for gold. MTS Gold is the pioneer in scrap gold recycling in Thailand with full hedging solution.

Stratergy Orders

Hedging your risk with Strategy Order

The Strategy Order System is an innovative hedging system which responds to all of your risk management strategies so that you can customize your risk planning to match your profit and loss expectation.

Gold 2 Cash

Gold 2 Cash Services

In order to enhance the efficiency of the cash flow of your businesses, MTS Gold is equipped with an effective. At MTS Gold, we provide gold liquidity service for clients who want to utilize their gold stock to enchant their business liquidity.


Professional Advisor who will help plan your risk management

Because we understand the gold bullion markets and their influence on futures prices so well, we can help you efficiently hedge your price risk. First, we work with you to define your risk management objectives. Second, we perform a corporate-wide risk-management assessment. Finally, we develop a customized risk management strategy suited to your specific operation and objectives. Once your goal is in place, we help you watch the markets and help adjust your strategy to fully control your risk.

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