Corporate Client
Corporate Gold Solution

At MTS Gold, we prided ourselves in being one of the most trust Gold manufacturer who could customize our gold to the need of many large corporate clients. Planning a marketing strategy for Thai has been one of the most challenging aspect for many corporate in Thailand. One of the most beloved campaign that Thai people love is using gold as one of their product in their campaign. MTS Gold has more than 50 years of experience in helping many large corporate to fulfill their marketing campaign using gold. Here are some of our previous clients.

International Standard

International Production Standard

At MTS Gold, we have a large extensive production facilities to serve the need of our clients with guarantee from Office of consumer protection board and gold trader association.

High Quality Service

High Grade productivity material

We use a high quality gold standard to tailor made each gold to serve each of our corporate clients. With this, our client could ensure that all their gold are made from a high standard sourcing material.

Billing Service

Corporate Billing

With our accounting standard, MTS Gold could offer standardize accounting billing for our corporate clients. This accounting standard could be used as an expense for sale and marketing campaign for your company.

Best Logistics

Full Logistic Solution

We have a full logistic team read to send you delivery for your customizable gold.

*** This require a minimal amount of purchase set up by our company for more information please call 0 2770 7766 ***

Advise Design

Customizable Design and solution

Our professional designer team are ready to serve our clients design needs to meet their marketing goal. This vary from customize pendant, customize bullion bar, to customize complex gold design.

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