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MTS Gold Subsidiaries is a gold company that has received national recognition for its excellence and contribution to the gold market. As a company with expertise in gold bullion investment which offers comprehensive services and over 50 years of experience, MTS’ stores now offer retail and wholesale gold trading and is also the largest gold importer and exporter in Thailand. Gold retail store owners looking to be a part of the MTS will receive a number of privileges and entitlements:


Comprehensive gold trading services with a modern twist

MTS Gold offers systematic full fetch gold bullion investments via the Gold Phone, Gold Online and Gold Mobile programs and/or applications.

Scrap Gold

Scrap Gold Hedging Services

MTS Gold offers Scrap Gold management services via the J-Gold system, which is highly popular among gold retail shops and gold hedger.

+2000 Designs

Over 2,000 varieties of gold jewelries design

All of the gold jewelries produced by MTS Gold are of the finest quality. The craftsmanship shown in all of our gold ornaments is exceptional and unique. Furthermore, the clarity of our gold ornaments are precise and in accordance with the respective fineness percentages. MTS Gold is certified by the Office of the Consumer Protection Board, which demonstrates guaranteed excellence.

MTS Education

Real time Investment Information and Trading Strategies

At MTS Gold, we provide in-depth information to our customers via email or SMS notifications. Alternatively, customers can also approach our Marketing Team for in depth analysis information.

Other Services

Other Gold Solution Services

In addition to gold trading, MTS Gold also provide comprehensive services regarding all aspects of gold and are not limited to gold investments. Our services also include swapping/converting gold bullions to gold ornaments, gold margin loan, gold goods delivery and gold storage, etc.

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