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When you bring us the gold or when we sell the gold which you yourself have deposited with us for selling, you can choose to receive your earnings via the following channels

Gold Swap Solution

At MTS Gold, we offer Gold swap solution for clients who are interested in swapping their gold to jewelry ornaments. With our full swap services, clients can instantly get access to our jewelry ornament with low ornament swap rate.

Gold Financing

Gold is an asset that can be immediately traded for cash. For this reason, this method has gained popularity and has is widely accepted in the Asian market. MTS Gold offer full financing service for any gold bullion or gold ornament for clients we want to do financing transaction. This include, gold bullion, gold coin, gold ornament, and other gold related products.

Gold Deposit

The gold investment market has undergone improvements and is progressing towards further developments today. With our ability to provide thorough services to an increasing amount of customers and investors, MTS Gold is capable of accepting deposit gold on your behalf and keep storage of your gold


With our online service solution, MTS clients could check their portfolio status and position in real time with our SMART PORT system. Client can check both gold deposit, margin management and historical transaction. This comprehensive system can be used both for your bullion trading portfolio and derivative trading portfolio.

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