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Institutional Clients

MTS Gold Co., Ltd. is a leading precious metal importer and exporter. It has earned national recognition for having developed an online gold trading system and the best gold investment innovations in Thailand. MTS Gold is unique and its system is highly secure in order to meet the demands of leading financial institutions.

We provide comprehensive gold bullion trading services to all institutional investors and apply real-time trading technology which allows our customers to trade 24 hours a day. Optimize your trading with High Speed direct market access facilities tailored to your trading requirements and business needs. Our payment system is convenient, safe, and seamlessly supports the new, modern world of investment. MTS Gold offers various technologies for our customers:

Real Time

Real Time Trading System

With our 24-hour Gold Trading system, gold trading can take place at any time to avoid loss of opportunities.

Strategy System

Strategy Orders and Place Orders

In order to meet any and all of our customers’ specific gold investment strategies, we’ve developed a Strategy Order system which enables you to customize your orders so that they are line with your investment style, as well as a Place Orders System, which allows you to earn profits 24 hours a day without the necessity of monitoring your orders in front of a screen.


Low latency trade system for Institutional Customers

At MTS Gold, we deploy a high speed trading in our high tech colocation facilities. Our clients benefit from real-time prices, precision execution and competitive spread.

High Speed

Comprehensive payment system

MTS Gold has collaborated with leading financial institutions to create a payment system that is both convenient and safe. Customers can choose from a variety of payment channels, such as the ATS, Card Payment and Online Payment methods.

News & Analysis

Information and Analysis

Our MTS Gold team publishes content on investment information, news updates and detailed analyses every business day. MTS actively participates in a variety of television shows such as “Look Forward”, and “Gold Tonight by MTS Gold”.


Professional Gold Trading Advisor

Equipped with knowledge and expertise, our team of experts is able to give you sound recommendations as well as closely monitor your portfolio. Furthermore, MTS Gold also offers seminars to our customers to ensure that they have a thorough and correct understanding in making current and future investments.

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