At MTS Gold Group, we are the leader in gold trading solution in Thailand. With our innovative online trading platform, we are the pioneer in the gold trading and bullion dealing business. Whether its gold bullion, gold futures, or gold jewelry hedging, we are the complete solution with an internationalize standard.

Jewelry Wholesale and Retail

As one of the leader in Gold jewelry business, MTS Gold under the brand “Mae Thong Suk” is one of the most trust gold jewelry shop in Thailand. We have more than 2,000 jewelry design selections for our clients, where our jewelry standard are guarantee by the Consumer Protection Office in Thailand.

Gold Futures

Futures contract refer to pure gold bullion 96.5% that assist investor can make a profit in uptrend and downtrend and have two contracts such as contract is equal to 50 and 10 Baht per Thai Gold Baht.

LBMA Gold 99.99%

At MTS, we sold a world standard LBMA 99.99% Gold Bullion to our clients. With many brand varies coming from all over the world such as Switzerland, Australia, Japan, South Africa etc. Client can ensure that they are getting a world standard LBMA brand from us.

Jewelry Customization

MTS Gold also help clients design and tailor made their jewelry according to their need. With our high technology, we could produce many different type of Gold designs ranging from pendant, gold bullion, and special design gold.

SET50 Index Futures

Mini SET50 Index Futures is a futures contract on a underlying SET50 Index which investor can invest with less capital and can make a profit although stock exchange will be downtrend.

MTS Bar 99.99%

Through our high standard refining process, MTS also produced our own brand with 99.99% purity. With our 20 years of refining experience, we could produce one of highest standard for Thai gold bullion with 99.99% purity.

Single Stock Futures

Single Stock Futures is intended to be a useful hedging tool to manage the equity market risks and to provide investors with an alternative investments as another means to profit from the price movement of stocks. With the characteristic of futures contracts, investors can profit from both bull and bear market. Currently TFEX have 60 stocks futures available

SET50 Index Options

SET50 Index Options is a futures contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell SET50 Index at a specific price on or before a certain date which assist investor make a profit for all market conditions and also cut loss for protecting a risk.

Energy Futures

Brent Crude Oil is one of the world major’s benchmark and is the biggest of the many major classifications of crude oil consisting of Brent Crude, Brent Sweet Light Crude, Oseberg, Ekofisk, and Forties (BFOE).

Corporate Gold Solution

Gold has been one of the most favorite gifts for Thai people. Thus, many large Thai corporates has contacted MTS Gold for advisory in using gold as a tool in their marketing campaign. We have been entrusted by many corporate ranging from large conglomerate to privately own business.

MTS Gold Bar 96.5%

96.5% Gold has been one of the most widely acceptance gold percentage in Thailand. MTS Gold is one of the gold leader in Thailand to be able to produce a high standard 96.5% gold for our retail and wholesale clients. With a brand of Thai Crown “Chat” stamping, you are guarantee that you are getting the best quality 96.5% in Thailand.


MTS Refinery has been one of the most proud service at MTS Gold. With a state of art technology and modernize between western and eastern technology, MTS Gold has been able to refine and recycle scrap gold into a high purified 99.99% Gold. We offer service to clients who are interested in refining their scrap to get 99.99%

MTS Mint Gold

Beautifully craft premium mint gold are one of the most favorite 96.5% gold to give out in important occasion in Thailand. These mint gold are given out as a gift to love one or as “Sint Sort” for important Thai Engagement. MTS Gold has produce many collction varies from Luxury collection to Gift Card Collection.

Rubber Futures

RSS3 Futures is a futures contract on underlying Natural Rubber Ribbed Smoked Sheet No. 3 (RSS No.3) as per "The Green Book" and one contract underlying on 5,000 tonnes. RSS3 Futures has trading hours between 09.15 to 16.55 without break for more coverage international market’s trading hours. RSS3 Futures has 2 settlement methods, Cash Settlement and Delivery Settlement method. Settlement method depends on investors’ or rubber-involved entrepreneurs’ preference, so entrepreneurs can use RSS3 Futures as risk management tool.

Scrap Gold Buying

MTS Gold set the standard with internationalize gold recycle service offering to our clients. From initial material analysis to comprehensive scrap management services, we guide and advise you in every procedure of gold recycling. Our customers benefit from our longstanding reputation for integrity and expertise in the gold recycle industry.

Scrap Gold Recycle

MTS Gold has been one of the leader in gold recycling business in Thailand. With our specialty in refining and scrap gold buying, we have been one of the leader in scrap gold business. With our advance hedging technology, clients can hedge their scrap gold with a real time market price 24 hour with our “J-Gold” System.

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