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At MTS Gold Group, we are the leader in gold trading solution in Thailand. With our innovative online trading platform, we are the pioneer in the gold trading and bullion dealing business. Whether its gold bullion, gold futures, or gold jewelry hedging, we are the complete solution with an internationalize standard.

MTS Gold Bar 96.5%

Thai People has a very same Chinese tradition in the love for gold. In Thailand the gold standard purity is at 96.5%, which is about 23K gold. MTS Gold or “Mae Thong Suk” brand has more than 60th years of experience for making gold bar in Thailand. Our Thai crown brand are widely recognized by all the Thai retail gold around Thailand and is widely accepted in the industry. Using LBMA bar to make our gold, clients can ensure to get the highest quality bar in Thailand.

We provide Gold Bar size for investors starting from 1 Baht of Gold (15.244 Gram) to 100 Baht of Gold (152.44 Gram)

Gold 96.5% 1 BG Weight 15.244 Grams
Gold 96.5% 2 BG Weight 30.488 Grams
Gold 96.5% 5 BG Weight 76.220 Grams
Gold 96.5% 10 BG Weight 152.44 Grams
Gold 96.5% 20 BG Weight 304.88 Grams
Gold 96.5% 50 BG Weight 762.20 Grams
Gold 96.5% 100 BG Weight 1,524.40 Grams

1. Retail Sales counter of service (non-member)

  • The customers can buying and selling with over the counter of branches
  • Paying cash or electronic payment and receive the bullion
  • The bullion is high standard warrantee by The Consumer Protection Board of Thailand

Date of Open: Monday - Friday
Hour of Service: 09.00-17.30
Telephone: +66 2770 7791

2. Open account of Gold Phone member

Our membership system for gold trading can be access via our trader who will receive order and consult to our clients by phone. Investors can lock in the price in real time and settle within 2 days.

Advantages of Gold Phone member

  • Receiving private consultant from our professional bullion advisor
  • Can be trading 09.00 until 24.00
  • After market close can be place limit and stop order 24 hours with marketing

3. Open account of Gold Online member

Our innovative online gold trading system has been developed to support 99.99% LBMA bullion trading. MTS Gold are the first Thai company to provide online gold trading innovation as gold investment for Thai investors.

Advantages of Gold Online and Gold Mobile member

  • Investors can be trade by web base solution 24 hours
  • Real Time pricing engine with low premium and low spread
  • Can be access everywhere for trading with internet connection
  • Innovative Algo trading strategy for take profit or stop loss
  • High efficient for electronic payment to manage your bullion payment

1. Oversea Sales Team

Date of Open: Monday - Friday
Hour of Service: 09.00-24.00
Telephone: 66+ 2770 7790

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