9 Reasons to trade with MTS Gold
9 reasons to trade
with MTS Gold

9 reasons to trade with MTS Gold

รางวัล MTS

1. Guarantee with Quality Award

Best Derivative House Award and Outstanding Derivative Broker 3 Straight Years

2. Trade around the clock

Catch at all opportunities with convenient around the clock trading

3. Trading hours coincide with World Markets

Investors can invest around the clock, in the wake of MTS GOLD has trading hours coincide with COMEX market. Investors can trade, although as holiday.

4. We provided the best trading platform to our clients.

Our new Colocation facilities offer the fastest trading speed with 100MB with only one single hop to TFEX market.

• Ultra Hi-Speed Trader for Windows 
• MTS Smart Web Trader
• MTS Mobile Trader

5. MTS Auto Trade

Innovation of Auto Trading application, whereas Investor is able to effectively design your own Strategy.

6. Gold deposit and online trading report

Real-time investor’s position report, you can confident with MTS Gold trading system.


7. Smart SMS notify all trading and clear port

Safe, fast and real-time SMS notify all investor’s transitions.

8. Profound analysis notes

Profound information and Analysis notes services by gold experts.

9. Skilled marketing team

Skilled experts ready for take care investors around the clock.

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