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Gold Financing

Gold is an asset that can be immediately traded for cash. For this reason, this method has gained popularity and has is widely accepted in the Asian market. MTS Gold offer full financing service for any gold bullion or gold ornament for clients we want to do financing transaction. This include, gold bullion, gold coin, gold ornament, and other gold related products.

Gold Financing Service Steps

In case of exchange gold for cash (Gold Pawn Services)

  • MTS Gold provides 4 locations for Gold Financing service.
  • Customer brings gold and Identification card to the shop
  • Receive cash and pawn ticket
  • Service Fee is calculated by interest rate method.

In case of gold redemption

  • Customer brings Identification card and the pawn ticket to the shop
  • Pay money and service fee
  • Receive gold

1. Oversea Sales Team

Date of Open: Monday - Friday
Hour of Service: 09.00 - 24.00
Telephone: +66 2770 7790

2) MTS Gold Smith Shop: The Old Siam Plaza 1st Floor

Address: 121/7 The Old Siam Plaza 1st Floor Phurat Road Wangburapapirom, Pranakon, Bangkok Thailand 10200 (Next to KFC)
Hour of Service: 09.30 - 16.30
Date for Open: Monday - Saturday and Sunday
** only first and third of the month (09.30 - 15.30 for hour of service)

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3) MTS Gold Smith Shop: Central Pinklao Ground Floor

Address: 7/276 Central Plaza Ground Floor Bharommarajchachonnanee Road Arunaummarin Bangkoknoi, Bangkok Thailand 10700
Telephone: +66 2884 8179
Hour of Service: 11.00 - 19.30
Date for Open: Monday - Sunday

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4) MTS Gold Smith Shop: Wong Wien Yai Branch

Address: 112-114 Ladya Road Klongsan district, Klongsan Bangkok Thailand 10600
Telephone: +66 2437 8779
Hour of Service: 11.00 - 16.30
Date for Open: Monday - Sunday

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Gold Spot

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